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竟彩销售渠道管理系统:Retail Partnership Programs

The ESRB continues to work with retailers to provide consumers with information about the ratings and to support their store policy regarding the sale and/or rental of M (Mature) and AO (Adults Only) rated games. In order to accomplish this, ESRB works with retailers in the United States and Canada in the following ways:

ESRB Retail Council

In November 2005, the ESRB Retail Council (ERC) was voluntarily established to facilitate regular communication and input for consideration on matters of common interest to U.S. computer and video game retailers and the ESRB. Chief among these interests is to ensure that ERC members support ratings education and store policy enforcement programs, which are summarized in the ERC Commitment to Parents Code.

For more information on the ESRB Retail Council, click here.

Retail Council of Canada

In October 2004, in partnership with the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), their members and the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESA Canada), the Commitment To Parents initiative was launched in Canada. The RCC Commitment To Parents initiative is a voluntary program in which computer and video game retailers in Canada agree not to sell or rent games that carry an M (Mature) or AO (Adults Only) rating to anyone under the age of 17 or 18, respectively. Participating retailers also agree to display ratings education signage, provide training information for sales associates and resolve consumer complaints regarding lack of enforcement of the RCC Code by store associates.

In-Store Signage

ESRB works with national, regional and local retailers to post ratings education and store policy signage. Additional collateral material, including store associate training manuals and rating information for websites and print vehicles, is also provided by the ESRB.

ESRB Store Policy In-store signage

As an example of these efforts, the ESRB teamed up with Ingram Entertainment Inc., the leading national distributor of home entertainment products, to distribute to 10,000 independent and small chain retailers nationwide ready-to-use in-store signage educating consumers about the ESRB ratings and supporting store policies regarding the sale or rental of Mature-rated video games to those under the age of 17.

How to Obtain Signage for Your Store

Retailers can receive high-resolution artwork of signage, store associate training materials and other marketing collateral by submitting a request to ESRB via email. Certain signage components are available in French and Spanish.

ESRB ratings are trademarked and the property of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

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